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Men Under Fire: Why We Need Male Friends

She hardly knew what else to call it. Though more articulate than most, she could find no better word than homosexual. Jonathan loved David “as his own soul” (1 Samuel 18:3). Jonathan’s love for David surpassed that of a woman (2 Samuel 1:26). Jonathan gladly stripped himself of his position […]

Hidden Beauty

Our children needed a little coaxing to believe that it was worth putting on snorkeling gear to peer beneath the surface of the Caribbean Sea off the shore of the island of Tobago. But after they dove in, they resurfaced ecstatic, “There are thousands of fish of all different kinds! […]

The Golden Rule of Bible Reading

It is considered rude when we interrupt someone while they are speaking and tell them what they really mean. We must not do this to authors either. Watch Now

God’s Great Creation

On a recent visit with some of our grandchildren, we enjoyed watching a web cam that focused on an eagle family in Florida. Every day we would check in on the mom, the dad, and the baby as they went about their daily routine in their nest high off the […]

Can I Have Assurance Without Joy?

Puzzled Faith: You put a lot of emphasis on new spiritual affections in people who are born again. In fact, as far as I can see, you treat them as essential to salvation, not peripheral. Doesn’t that make the experience of Christian assurance more difficult? Christian Hedonist: More difficult than […]

Oh the Places You Might Go: Watching the Fourth from Far Away

I have spent the last six July Fourths in the Middle East. Here I have planted and am pastoring a church in the northern part of the United Arab Emirates. Before moving, I worked for seven years in Washington D.C. and can wax nostalgic when I think about the fun […]

How to Discourage a Grieving Friend

What’s the best way to discourage a grieving friend? I can tell you what I’ve done. I’ve asked numerous questions, trying to fully assess the situation. I’ve mentioned others who are going through similar trials, extolling their bravery and faithfulness. I’ve freely doled out advice, even mini-sermons, to my friends […]

Living Out Loud

While staying at a hotel in Austin, Texas, I noticed a card on lying on the desk in my room. It said: Welcome Our Prayer is that your stay here will be restful and that your travels will be fruitful. May the Lord bless you and keep you, and make […]

A Perfect World

Katie was given a school assignment to write an essay entitled “My Perfect World.” She wrote: “In my perfect world  . . . ice cream is free, lollipops are everywhere, and the sky is blue all the time, with only a few clouds that have interesting shapes.” Then her essay […]

I See You

When Xavier was two, he darted into one aisle after another in a small shoe store. Hiding behind stacks of shoeboxes, he giggled when my husband, Alan, said, “I see you.” Moments later, I saw Alan dash franticly from aisle to aisle, calling Xavier’s name. We raced to the front […]