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History’s Biggest Food Fight: What Catholics Believe About the Eucharist

They escorted him to the pulpit of St. Mary’s University Church in Oxford, for one last time before his execution, to read out his recantation of his Protestant faith. Instead, the former Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer made this ringing declaration: As for the sacrament, I believe as I have […]

The Miracle of Christian Preaching

Christian preaching isn’t a lecture or monologue, but a miracle of the Holy Spirit working in and through the pastor and the people. Watch Now

Know What Not to Say

Christians should be the most careful speakers in the world. We ought to be characterized by two kinds of trembling when it comes to words: we should tremble at the words God speaks and we should tremble at the words we speak. We know we should tremble at God’s word, […]

The Darker Side of Small Group

My Dear Globdrop, I admit to modest expectations for your success, but the clumsy suggestions from your last letter have astounded even me. You’re on the brink of getting your man to leave his small group? Honestly, if I were not your uncle, I would demote you to a desk […]

Lord, Set Me Free from Fear

On Thursday night, Peter said to the One he knew was “the Christ, the Son of the living God” (Matthew 16:16), “Even if I must die with you, I will not deny you!” (Matthew 26:35). Then, in the wee hours of Friday morning, Peter said to a couple of servant […]

‘I Will Help You’

God’s power flows to us through God’s promises. Make it a priority to have a stockpile of promises you can draw from every day. Watch Now

Four Steps to Rebuild Trust

Trust is essential. According to one researcher, trust is the cornerstone of every relationship. But how do we become trustworthy? And how do we regain trust in someone when they’ve done something to betray our trust? As essential as trust is for healthy relationships, trust is also tricky. In my […]