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Walking in the Light

Darkness descended on our forest village when the moon disappeared. Lightning slashed the skies, followed by a rainstorm and crackling thunder. Awake and afraid, as a child I imagined all kinds of grisly monsters about to pounce on me! By daybreak, however, the sounds vanished, the sun rose, and calm […]

Eyes Tightly Shut

He knew he shouldn’t have done it. I could clearly see he knew it was wrong: it was written all over his face! As I sat down to discuss his wrongdoing with him, my nephew quickly squeezed his eyes shut. There he sat, thinking—with three-year-old logic—that if he couldn’t see […]

Transformed & Transforming

Tani and Modupe grew up in Nigeria and went to the UK to study in the 1970s. Having been personally transformed by God’s grace, they never imagined that they would be used to transform one of the most deprived and segregated communities in England—Anfield in Liverpool. As Drs. Tani and […]

I Take You: Our Vows for the Unknown Country

Today, we stand on the edge of an unknown country and make promises bigger than both of us. To have and to hold. For better or worse. To love and to cherish. Till death do us part. We stand here today, not mainly to say that we do love each […]

The Greater Glory

Caesar Augustus is remembered as the first and greatest of the Roman emperors. By political skill and military power he eliminated his enemies, expanded the empire, and lifted Rome from the clutter of rundown neighborhoods into a city of marble statues and temples. Adoring Roman citizens referred to Augustus as […]

Disowned for Jesus: What I Lost and Found in Christ

When I left Islam to follow Jesus, I didn’t know what it would cost me. I hadn’t realized what it would take to deny myself, lay my life down, and take up my cross (Matthew 16:24). I wasn’t aware that even the precious relationships of my family should not come […]

How to Do Everything to the Glory of God

Explain this verse in your own words: “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” If someone walked up to you right now and asked you how 1 Corinthians 10:31 worked — in eating, in drinking, in everything — how would […]

How Do We Know Jesus Is the Messiah?

When we say “Jesus Christ,” we should be thinking “Jesus the Messiah”: the promised Priest, King, and Prophet, the one God anointed to redeem us. Listen Now

What If I Never Get Better? How Not to Comfort Suffering People

I called her when I heard the news. Her husband has cancer. When the doctors first detected an irregularity, they were unconcerned. It was probably nothing. But they decided to run tests just in case. Despite what they had predicted, the tests came back positive. Malignant. She ran into a […]

Enter the Dragon Slayer: How God Took Satan’s Breath Away

There once was a great dragon, red like blood. He was a terrible serpent, ancient beyond human memory. His power and cunning were beyond human reckoning, and he was evil beyond all depraved human imagination. And the dragon was real. He did not inhabit the realms of fairy-tale or nightmare […]